PN:  2 more Frigates delivery in 2020

With the successful integration of the Spike-ER surface-to-surface missile in the PN’s MPAC squadron, more capable and powerful missile weaponry are now in the pipeline for the Navy, according to PN spokesman Commander Jonathan Zata.

“[Yes]. It [Spike-ER] ushered the Navy and the AFP to the missile age and also prepares for the forthcoming acquisition of a more sophisticated and powerful weapons systems and capabilities,” he said.

Zata said the PN will gain more capability to operate modern naval weaponry with the arrival of the Pohang-class frigate next year, “equipped with a better weapons system that the Navy can already use as it prepares for the delivery of the two purposely built frigates starting 2020.”

The Pohang-class frigate is equipped with a primary and secondary gun system, sensors and torpedoes for anti-submarine as well as sensors for anti-air operations, Zata said.

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