Philippines VS China Military Showdown: Who Wins

As tension heightens between the Philippines and China over the territorial rights on the West Philippine Sea’s Spratley Islands, citizens of both countries are speculating more and more on the issue.  Some considerate minds have already moved forward and have already compared the ability of each of these two countries over its military capability.

For most people, the military capability of Philippines and China is a great consideration as it affects who would be more bullying than the other.  Some may already have idea but let me assure you that the conflict between China and Philippines over the Spratley Island’s Scarborough Shoal and likewise Panatag Shoal should be resolve diplomatically.  This is not the time for Philippines to embark into a Military campaign against the Chinese.  Here are some reasons why;

Population:  China has a total population of 1.336 Billion and the Philippines have 108.2 Million.  China’s population is about 12 times the size compared than the Philippines.  This means when time arises that China would need more army; they will not have any issue in adding their military personnel strength.

Land Area:  China has a total land area of 9,596,961 Square Kilometers while the Philippines have 300,000 Square Kilometers.  This means that while the Philippines struggle to defend its land, the Chinese has ample area to conduct military training and train more soldiers while still being able to guard its soils in the frontline.

  • Defense Budget:  The Chinese have long gone in strengthening its army and have USD 100 Billion defense budget while the Philippines had just started its baby project of military hardware upgrade recently and has a small defense budget of USD 2.4 Million; this is a  0.002% only compared to Chinese defense budget.  Maybe you know already what money can do right?
  • Military Manpower:  China has 749,610,775 and the Philippines have only 6% of this figure.
  • Personnel Fit for Military Service:  China has 618,588,627 and the Philippines have only 6.7% of this figure.
  • Yearly Military Service Retirement:  China yearly retirees are 2.6% of its Military Manpower whiles the Philippines yearly Military retirees reaches 4.1%; this is still not favorable to the Philippines.
  • The Chinese have 2,285,000 active military personnel while the Philippines have 5.25% of the said figure.  The Chinese also have 800,000 military reservists while the Philippines have 16% of the said figure.
  • Basic Chinese Military Personnel salary is about 6,000 Yuan (about Pesos 40,020.54) while a Philippine Soldier receives about Pesos 18,000.00.  This means it is much easy for China to recruit more Military Personnel.
  • Fire Power:  The Philippines has no match over China in general aspect.  For easy understanding, I would just mention here what the Chinese have which the Philippines have not:
  1. Multi-Launch Rocket System:  Chinese have 2,600 units.
  2. Aircraft Carrier:  Chinese have 1 Unit.
  3. Submarines:  China has 63 Units.
  4. Mine Warfare Craft:  China has 52 Units.

Other Military Strength comparison for both countries is listed below for your sound understanding where the Philippines sit when it comes to showdown with China:

Arsenal Contents

China Philippines Unit Difference
Towed Artillery 25,000 309 24,691
Infantry Vehicle 7,700 559 7,141
Tanks 9,200 126 9,074
Anti-Tank Guided Weapon 1,250 400 850
Navy Ships 972 120 852
Anti-Aircraft Weapon 750 200 550
Naval Units 972 120 852
Merchant Marine Strength 2,012 428 1,584
Major Ports & Terminals 8 6 2
Major Airports 502 254 248
Destroyers 55 1 54
Frigates 47 2 45
Total Aircraft 5,716 289 5,427
Patrol Coastal Aircraft 870 128 742
Fighter Planes 5,845 289 5,556
Attack Helicopters 632 159 473
Amphibious Operations Craft 233 10 223


Do you see any hope on the above statistics?

War is not just about Military Tactic or egoistic Generals; winning rests on the number game.   Unless the Chinese have directly threatened the lives of Filipino people or invade the Philippine soils, it is still best to keep calm and resolve simple issues in a more responsible manner.  Getting aid from a Philippine ally like the United States during escalating tensions of war may ruin lives not only of Filipinos but also may start 3rd World War.  So going to war? FORGET IT THIS TIME!

PinExt Philippines VS China Military Showdown: Who Wins

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