More NPA Rebels surrendering in 2019 – AFP

The Armed Forces of the Philippines expects more communist rebels to surrender next year.

Such vision is based on continuous military operations, which led to the surrender of countless communist rebels and supporters, Armed Forces chief Lieutenant General Benjamin Madrigal Jr. said on Monday.

Efforts to clear guerrilla fronts, as well as the arrest of top New People’s Army (NPA) leaders and personalities, are taking a toll on them, Madrigal noted.

“We hope that for their New Year’s resolution, more and more NPA members will heed the call to lay down their arms and join the mainstream society in its nation-building efforts,” Madrigal said in his New Year’s message.

“2018 has been a successful year for the Armed Forces as we fulfill our tasks towards just and lasting peace and development for the Philippines. As this year closes, the Armed Forces will continue its resolve in serving the Filipino nation, in achieving its mission of protecting the people and securing the state,” he  added.

The military official expects the reinvigorated and more eager soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and civilian human resources to continue the significant gains the Armed Forces achieved in the past year, including putting an end to the armed conflict with the separatist group Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

“The Armed Forces of the Philippines welcomes the year 2019 with great hopes of enduring peace and development for our nation. We have gone a long way treading the path of peace, and we are optimistic that the New Year will bring us closer to our common aspirations as the Armed Forces fulfills its mandate to protect the people and secure the state,” he added.

The Communist Party of the Philippines celebrated its 50th anniversary on December 26. The NPA is the CPP’s armed wing.

In its anniversary message, the CPP vowed to soldier on in resisting what they alleged as President Rodrigo Duterte’s policy of fascist terror and tyranny, and that their troops can’t be defeated by the military.

“Their claim last year that the NPA will be defeated before the end of 2018 has been frustrated and proven a big lie. This year, they proclaim that the NPA will be completely finished by mid-2019. As in all previous regimes, they keep on moving their impossible deadline. The military will be roundly frustrated as it faces a stronger nationwide force of the NPA that is ever more capable and determined to mount annihilation level of attacks on its weak and vulnerable points,” the CPP said.

The CPP and NPA supposedly fortified their position to further strengthen the revolutionary mass movement, as they have a solid grasp of the requisites of widespread and intensive character of guerrilla warfare.

This is supposedly on top of building and deploying horizontal and vertical formations, forming guerrilla theaters composed of two to three guerrilla fronts, employing some elements of regular mobile warfare, mobilizing the masses for armed struggle, waging agrarian revolution and other mass campaigns in the countryside. – Source: GMA

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