How to join the Navy?

Want to be a Seafarer? How about working in the Navy and tour around the Philippines for free.

The Philippine Navy is just one of the three main branches of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). Working and being part of it would surely make you a real patriot at heart and you would be so very proud. You can show this by enlisting in the Navy and serve the country.

If you are interested to know if you are qualified to join the Philippine Navy, here are the basic requirements:

  • Must be a natural-born Filipino citizen
  • Must be physically and mentally fit
  • At least 5 feet in height
  • Must pass the AFP Aptitude Battery Test, IQ and Special Written Examinations
  • Must be of good moral character with no pending civil or criminal case.
  • Single, never married, with no child or children support.
  • 18-23 years old for enlisted applicants should have graduated at least 72 units in college or have graduated a teo-year associate course or vocational course preferably electronics and communication, electrical, plumbing, mechanics, welding, aircraft maintenance aviation and heavy equipment operators. 
  • 21-28 years old for officer applicants must be graduate of 4 or 5 year Bachelors degree course preferably Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, IT, Naval Architecture, Maritime Transportation and Accountancy. 
  • For qualified enlisted navy candidate soldiers or navy applicants, they will undergo a training called Basic Seamanship Course (BSC). This course is the same as that what is taken by those seaman and seafarers if you are familiar.
  • For qualified navy officers, they will undergo (NOCC) or Naval Officers Candidate Course.


  • Meal Allowance
  • Housing Facilities
  • Clothing Allowance
  • Free medical and dental services (including dependents)
  • Financial assistance (in terms of salary loans, policy loans, business loans and housing loans thru AFPSLAI, PNSLAI, MBAI, RSBS and Pagibig Fund)
  • Disability pension
  • Local/Foreign Schooling (for qualified personnel in the active military service)
  • Commutation of accumulated leave
  • Insurance through AFPMBAI, SGTI and AFPGIC
  • Scholarship grants to qualified dependents
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